Freedom Spirited Patchouli & Peach Fragrance Incense Sticks

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Freedom Incense. When you need some Clarity of thinking then we hope that our Fresh Peach inspired a blend of fragrance will create the right atmosphere. A fresh clean Patchouli fragrance.

-Hand Rolled in India
-Contains 15g of incense (approx 15 sticks)
-Recyclable packaging
-Free from Toxic substances
-Burn time: Approx 30 min

In villages, and workshops all over India people work producing handcrafted products for export to western countries. Although pay varies depending on area and skills, about 150 rupees a day (about £2) is standard.

Handicraft exports create much-needed employment in rural areas but while-oversupply of labour outstrips supply pay rates will be low. It is possible to live on this level of pay in India (many exist on less) but life is fundamentally hard.

10p from the sale of this incense goes to the AW Freedom Fund. The objective is to teach the English language to low-income Indian workers to enhance their career prospects. With your support, each shipment will raise over £10,000.

The idea is to give a little from each item sold directly back to the workers who make that product in India. For example, 10p from the sale of a packet of Incense sold in London can go directly to incense packers in Bangalore.




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